Cooking is the study of matter, but I prefer to see it as the study of change.

Well that’s… That’s all of life, right?

It’s the constant, it’s the cycle… It’s solution, dissolution, just over and over and over.

It’s growth, then decay, then transformation.

It is fascinating, really.


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Dodger’s sweet new ride

"I want to play a game"

Why do I think about Saw movies? 

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10 easy steps for turning Eletronic Super Joy into Electronic Super Rage!

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Abandoned Cottages in the Woods Overtaken by Animals

In a series titled Once Upon a Home, photographer Kai Fagerström captured the new residents of abandoned cottages in the woods. After residents had passed away or relocated, a group of feral animals took over the spaces. In a story published for National Geographic, Fagerström captured the “wild squatters” in a handful of derelict dwellings near his family’s summer home in rural Suomusjärvi, Finland.

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Easiest way to make myself work it’s say to guest\relatives\some random people at my home, that I’m busy right now and really REALLY have to work 


Saaaame… [x]

Press penis to continue?


Saaaame… [x]

Press penis to continue?

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The off-camera Jeannie face.

Have been working and haven’t sleep for last 4 days. And everything I’ve done was wrong. That’s perfect reaction for my feelings right now. Oh thank you Dodger!

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When I’m told part of my job is caring about my students

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I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed this before.  Jeff better not break her heart or…

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Alison Brie licking Danny Pudi’s nose (x)

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